HIPAA & e-Health

Technology is great. Until it isn't… We can help you develop procedures and protocols to protect your patients – and your organization.


Health care providers seek our guidance for a range of issues relating to HIPAA compliance, e-Health and technology, and privacy practices.


We provide our clients with practical strategies for obtaining and maintaining HIPAA compliance, addressing the host of issues at hand such as privacy, security, national provider identifier, insurance portability, and employee benefits.

The spectrum of services provided related to HIPAA can be tailored for your organization’s specific needs. Most often, clients seek our assistance with assessing current HIPAA compliance, developing policies and procedures, drafting agreements, providing staff and executive level education, and managing ongoing compliance.


Telemedicine and other e-health strategies are rapidly becoming the norm in today’s health care environment. To meet these challenges – and opportunities – head on, we regularly counsel health care providers on the protocols and systems that need to be in place to maintain privacy and security throughout the system. We also provide advice relating to operational issues involving electronic health records and health information, health related web sites, software licensing agreements, and the delivery of services through telemedicine.

Data Breach

Health care providers and corporate clients are increasingly concerned about the potential for – and steps for addressing – a data breach. Our team is ready to help.

From providing preventative counseling relating to data privacy and security, to addressing investigations and possibly litigation should a breach occur, you can rely on us to help you manage the crisis and get your systems – and your services – back in operational order. We often assist clients with the following services:

  • Establishing policies to maintain the privacy and security of personal identifying information
  • Counseling with regard to state, federal, and international privacy and data security laws
  • Defining best practices in data management throughout the organization
  • Negotiating contracts with third parties to whom this data is entrusted
  • Assisting in identifying appropriate insurance coverage
  • Responding to government investigations
  • Handling any related litigation
  • Managing third parties with unique specialties such as IT forensics and crisis communications

We can provide your organization with a comprehensive, pragmatic, and tailored approach to maintaining and protecting the privacy and security of your organization’s data and the information relating to the individuals it serves.


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