Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights

You know you need to protect your vision...Do you know which course to take? Our intellectual property attorneys do.


Intellectual property is an asset for your business – one that will work for you now and into the future. Determining the right mix of IP rights for your vision and strategy is important. This is where our intellectual property lawyers come in, to help you protect your trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets.

At the start of any new business activity, our IP attorneys will help you unpack all of the proposed ideas and moving pieces – from design and manufacturing, to marketing and sales – to help identify and secure the appropriate IP rights.

Once the right mix of IP rights are identified, we will file for the appropriate protections and help you establish protocols to manage your asset into the future.

Trademark Protection:

  • Trademark searches and clearances
  • Trademark registration
  • Brand acquisition
  • Cancelation and Opposition and other proceedings before the Trademark Office and TTAB

Copyright Protection:

  • Copyright registration and recordation
  • Assignments of copyright
  • Fair use counseling
  • Mechanical and statutory royalties counseling
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance

Patent Protection:

  • Patent prosecution
  • Patentability, validity, infringement, and right-to-use opinions
  • Strategic counseling on timing and geographic reach of patent applications
  • Structuring and enhancing patent portfolios

Additional expertise: For matters outside of the United States, and for certain matters requiring additional technical experience, we can collaborate with our global network of Meritas-affiliated law firms.

Trade Secret Protection:

  • Identification of protectable information and related parties (employees, independent contractors, suppliers, and joint development partners)
  • Maintenance and protection via non-disclosure or non-compete agreements