Estate Planning

When did you last update your estate plan? If your answer is "What plan?" let's talk.


Whether you need a simple will to protect your new family or if you are seeking assistance with a more complex trust document, we can provide guidance and support in both of these scenarios – and everything in between.

Trusts are one of the most prevalent vehicles for dealing with the continued management, preservation and appropriate disposition of property. Highly customizable and shaped to meet your particular needs, trusts can be created to take effect at death through your will (a testamentary trust) or during life (frequently a revocable trust). You may choose to use a revocable trust as the primary vehicle for your estate plan – the details of which can be changed at any time during your life and can continue after death.

We have extensive experience in structuring trusts and can help you manage a variety of ancillary issues. Our goal is to help achieve the best result for you and your beneficiaries.

There are also times when certain specific documents may be in order: young families welcoming a first child; families preparing for a trip without children; or instances where additional legal direction is needed for caregivers or guardians. In these instances, we can assist with documents such as:

  • Living wills
  • Medical directives
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Short-term delegation of parental rights

We can also assist non-U.S. citizens with estate planning and related personal tax planning needs.


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