Acquisitions, Dispositions & Leasing

Has your simple real estate deal grown beyond your comfort zone? We’ll straighten it out. We can help structure your deal to suit your interests today and keep an eye on your long-term goals.


Buying & Selling

We advise business and real estate clients on the acquisition and disposition of all types of residential and commercial real estate, locally and nationally, including shopping centers, office buildings, multi-family residential properties, hotels, hospitals, industrial and warehouse sites, gas stations and other commercial properties.

Typically, we assist in the deal by drafting and negotiating contracts, performing due diligence, resolving contract and property issues, and structuring transactions to minimize taxes.

We also assist in the formation of partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures, holding companies and other entities for the purpose of buying and selling real estate.


We represent landlords and tenants on a nationwide basis and are familiar with all aspects of lease negotiations.

This experience affords you a comprehensive knowledge of what is customary in the industry, what provisions are likely to be acceptable to project lenders (a critical skill with respect to ground leases and build to suit leases), and what provisions may be negotiated to advantage given the particular circumstances.

Our team-based approach brings other necessary expertise to the task – such as tax, environmental law, land use regulation, and construction law – should your particular deal require it during lease negotiations.


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