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Is your company facing a wage and hour lawsuit or governmental investigation? Your initial response is critical, and we can help develop a measured strategy.


Wage and hour claims, investigations and lawsuits continue to be among the most common issues facing employers.  Claims span from misclassification of workers as exempt to failure to pay for all hours worked – including overtime, work during meal and rest periods and other off-the-clock work.

Unfortunately, the risk is not limited to those workers that you have classified as employees. Even the use of independent contractors and staffing companies can give rise to claims that workers should have been classified as employees of your company. These claims can be raised by an individual or by any one of a number of governmental agencies and can give rise to claims for liquidated or double damages.

Act while you can be proactive. The best thing you can do is be proactive rather than reactive. The best audit is one that you direct. This gives your company the opportunity to identify and correct issues before the Department of Labor or another agency shows up at your door seeking to investigate. Our team can guide you through an audit and aid you in remedying issues identified in a manner that mitigates risk.

A wage and hour lawsuit or investigation requires a measured response. When your company is faced with a wage and hour lawsuit or governmental investigation, the initial response is critical. Your response will differ depending on the type of action facing you, whether a single plaintiff lawsuit, class action lawsuit or governmental investigation. Our team will aid you in developing a measured strategy for defending your organization and limiting disruption to the business operation. 


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