Employee Policies & Training

When was the last time your managers received training? Regular HR training for your management team can reduce misunderstandings and often prevent small issues from becoming big problems.


Running your business smoothly can often hinge on managing your workforce and professional employees in a manner that prevents problems. Proper human resources documentation and training can help.

An Ounce of Prevention

You can count on us to provide a range of proactive training for in-house counsel, human resources professionals, owners, management, and non-management personnel. This training often focuses on preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace, managing employee leaves of absence, and diversity and inclusion training. We have designed training programs specific to our clients’ needs, addressing issues specific to the business and employee population. We also provide valuable counsel and training to clients on employee discipline and termination.

Policy Manuals and Employee Handbooks

Creating and maintaining proper employment policies can save your business from expensive legal headaches. We help clients draft and keep current employment policies and handbooks that comply with applicable laws. 

For those clients with particular concerns or who may be interested in a comprehensive review, we also provide audits of employment-related documents. Taken as a preventative measure, a review of a business’s HR documentation can often uncover small issues today before they become costly compliance problems tomorrow. 


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