Qualified Plans

Qualified retirement plans provide you with tax advantages while giving your employees a tax-deferred retirement vehicle. Do you have the right retirement plan in place for your employees?


Looking to provide your employees with a qualified retirement plan? We can help you shape an option that is best for you and your employees. Plans vary widely, yet most fall into the following categories:

  • Defined contribution plans
  • Defined benefit plans
  • Hybrid plans – cash balance plans and target benefit plans

We work with for-profit, nonprofit, governmental, and union organizations to shape the right retirement plans. If you run a small business, we can help you adopt cost-effective plans that work well for the small business owner and a smaller workforce. If yours is a large company, your plans will be more complex and may benefit from options designed just for your business and unique situation.

Pension Plans

Qualified pension plans come in all varieties and forms, and we can help you find just the right fit. Using creative formulas, we can draft pension plans and provide advice in all facets of associated tax and ERISA regulations. Should you need added insights, we can also provide in-depth counseling regarding the interpretation of these plans with respect to benefit claims.

Profit-Sharing Plans

Profit-sharing plans are less restricted by tax law and ERISA provisions, and we can use a number of formulas and devices to help you accomplish your profit-sharing goals. You may wish to motivate your employees financially through participation in certain retirement benefits or by tying a bonus or reward to your company’s profits. We can help.

401(k) Plans

We can assist you with the full range of services associated with initiating and maintaining a 401(k) plan. As a widely used qualified plan, we may be able to help you utilize the Internal Revenue Code safe harbor provisions, apply the definitions of "highly compensated" in creative ways, and watch closely the testing rules for these plans.
We can help you design your plan on Day 1 and continue to manage employee communications throughout the life of your business.

Hybrid Plans

If you are concerned that typical plans won’t work for your business, we can assist you with designing a hybrid plan that will. Cash balance plans, pension equity plans, target benefit plans, and 414(k) plans often provide just the type of flexibility an employer seeks for a changing workforce.

Union Pension Plans

Unions have special benefits – and special needs. If you are the employer trustee managing a union pension plan, we can help you see all sides, providing you with advice and assisting with advance planning for issues such as withdrawal liability. We can also help you through the negotiations with the union as you work to establish a new replacement plan.


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