Plan Liabilities & Pitfalls

Do you know where your plan might go wrong? We can help you monitor your plan and avoid liability.


Investments & Associated Liabilities

Your decision to implement an employee benefit plan brings with it investment decisions. We can help you evaluate the associated fiduciary liabilities that may come along with investing the plan’s assets and help you utilize ERISA section 404(c) and other methods to avoid liability.

Fiduciary Issues

The scope of the ERISA fiduciary net and similar state fiduciary laws is broad and complicated. We understand the statutory regulatory and case law foundations and can help you navigate each scenario and your associated responsibilities.

Prohibited Transactions

Have you run into a prohibited transaction in your plan? We can work with you to obtain an individual prohibited transaction ruling or seek to apply class and statutory exemptions to your situation. Do you see a prohibited transaction on the horizon? We can help you structure the transaction now to avoid the potential penalties generally associated with these rules.


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