Health & Welfare Plans

Are your plans competitive and in compliance? We know these plans inside and out - and know how to shape the options into something your employees - and you - can love.


Your health and welfare plans are important to your employees – and your employees are important to you. Let us help you make the most of the benefits your company provides.

We can help you with:

  • Drafting plans
  • Counseling regarding plan operation
  • Addressing domestic partner issues
  • Drafting enforceable subrogation provisions
  • Advising on HIPAA compliance

Medical Plans

In an era of escalating medical costs …

  • You need to understand precisely what benefits you offer through your medical plan.
  • The benefits need to be clearly and accurately written into the plan and summary description.

We can help by preparing medical plan documents, advising regarding cost-saving measures, and handling claims associated with experimental treatments.

Cafeteria Plans

By providing a significant tax benefit, cafeteria plans have become essential components of benefit programs. We can design, draft, and implement a cafeteria plan and closely monitor any proposed regulations affecting these plans. Our goal is to provide you with a compliant plan that is appealing to your employees and easy to administer.

Dependent Care Assistance

You may have a number of employees who have small children. These employees could benefit from the assistance provided through a dependent care assistance plan. We can help you put a plan in place – designing a program for your company and helping you introduce the plan to your staff. We also monitor these plans and can alert you to possible compliance issues on the horizon.

Life Insurance

Not a simple benefit anymore, life insurance comes in a wide array of packages – group term, split dollar, universal, self-funded death benefit programs, and the list goes on.  We can guide you through the rules governing these programs, provide sound legal and practical advice, and ultimately find a life insurance plan (or plans) that are the right fit for your organization.

Disability Plans

Disability plans – short term and long term – provide employees valuable benefits, yet these benefits are often the subject of dispute and litigation. Our experience with disability claims, often centered on the definition of "disability," enables us to be proactive today, helping you institute more solid and secure plans from the start.


HIPAA’s far-reaching implications affect your company’s electronic data transfers, privacy management and, of course, medical plans. Achieving and maintaining compliance is critical. We can help you evaluate your operations, determine your current level of compliance, and suggest improvements to maintain HIPAA compliance going forward.

Health Care Reimbursement

You may wish to consider implementing a health care reimbursement program, which provides a tax-effective mechanism for providing medical benefits to your employees. We can help you design and implement a medical reimbursement or health care reimbursement program that’s just right for your workforce.

COBRA Compliance

COBRA provides exiting employees with critical transitional benefits, yet employers must manage the complex program, which is fraught with the potential for severe penalties for noncompliance. Our assistance with your COBRA program can help ease your mind and keep your plan compliant.

We have represented the defendants in one of the most celebrated COBRA compliance court cases, Geissal v. Moore Medical Corp.


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