Executive Compensation

Are your packages right for your company ... and for the market? You want to pay your executive team well - we can put a competitive plan in place.


Your executive management team is critical to your business’s success. Recruiting star executives requires sophisticated and compelling compensation plans. We work with private companies, nonprofit organizations, and senior executives, helping each navigate the increasingly complex realm of executive and equity compensation.

Businesses work hard to remain competitive with compensation while, at the same time, the public, media, government agencies, and watchdog groups are all peering inside, scrutinizing plans with increased interest and critical eyes. It’s up to you to ensure your plans can withstand the inspection. We can help.

We understand the opportunities and risks inherent in executive compensation and will provide you with innovative solutions and sound counsel. Our pragmatic approach evaluates the structure and timing of your programs and takes into account all of the known and potential tax and securities implications.

We can assist you with:

  • Compensation program design and negotiation including 409A plans
  • Pre- and post-IPO executive and equity compensation
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Option exchange programs
  • Equity compensation in private companies
  • Mergers and acquisitions, including success bonuses, incentives, and due diligence during acquisition

Your other outside advisors can be a great resource. We will work closely with your accounting team, compensation consultants, and actuarial advisors to design and implement compensation programs that can improve your competitive position in the market while maintaining your legal, accounting, securities, and tax compliance.

Boards of directors, compensation boards, senior executives, and financial institutions also have found our counsel of benefit when addressing executive compensation matters.

Term of Note:
• 409A Plan – Nonqualified deferred compensation


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