Electronic Information Management



Your business is changing. Your data is changing. Greensfelder is changing right along with you.  What used to exist in a back office filing cabinet now lives on your email server, in the cloud, on your phone or on a server archive - or all of the above. Our Electronic Information Management lawyers can help you understand what data you have, where you have it, how long you should keep it, how it should be treated during discovery or during an internal investigation, and what should be done to prevent or respond to a breach of that data.

From consulting on document retention and security policies to overseeing complicated e-Discovery matters, Greensfelder’s unique, cross-disciplinary team of lawyers, litigation support professionals and paralegals can help you manage and protect your electronic information. 

If your business has interests in foreign countries, it is important to watch international data protection and privacy regulations. Our International Data Protection Regulations group will help you stay ahead of the curve and prepare for new rules that affect your company.


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