Information Governance



Your company is creating more data than ever before. Every day, thousands of emails and text messages are sent and received, voicemails are recorded, memos are drafted, PowerPoints are revised, and client records and databases are updated. This array of data is not just being created on a desktop at the office - mobile devices are a way of life.  But the ability to access work documents from multiple devices complicates record management. The co-mingling of personal and work documents can become a records retention nightmare if proper technology and policies are not in place to manage it.  Our Information Governance attorneys can help you avoid that scenario.

Having policies that identify the types of data you are creating, where they are stored, from what devices the data can be accessed, how long it is retained, and how it will be destroyed in the normal course of business is prudent for practical and compliance purposes. 

Getting your data identified and under control is a project that should be started before you have a duty to preserve it in order to avoid possible destruction of evidence claims in litigation. Our attorneys know what record retention regulations govern your business. We know how to handle your documents if litigation is anticipated.  We can help you draft policies that will comply with legal obligations and, importantly, match your company’s culture.


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