Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

Sometimes your best move is taking on a strategic partner. Do you know how to structure the alliance? While partnerships rarely begin with the end in mind, we know how to structure alliances so that they can operate – and end – successfully.


There are times when taking on a business partner, forming a financial alliance, or crafting another strategic alignment makes the most sense. Partnering and aligning operations can result in a stronger business and a more impactful presence in the market. Our corporate attorneys can help.

In the evaluation of any strategic alliance, it is critical to have a clear understanding of the roles of each player, the responsibilities – financial and otherwise – of all parties, and a clear picture of what success – and dissolution – looks like. Our lawyers can help you plan, structure, negotiate and document all types of partnerships, joint ventures and other strategic alliances, whether your company is in the United States or international, so that the path ahead is clear.

We will focus on your business’s tax, accounting, legal and operational needs to help you maximize the intended return from the proposed relationship and investment. In addition to negotiating favorable provisions for your business, we also help determine:  

  • The amount of initial and/or additional capital contributions required
  • The value of any property and/or services to be contributed
  • The proposed allocations of profits and losses, together with the proposed timing and manner of distributions
  • The proposed management structure and its limitations
  • Applicable transfer restrictions
  • Dispute resolution provisions
  • Dissolution and termination provisions

Strategic partnerships come in all shapes and sizes. Quite often, we work with companies that are looking to grow through acquisition, yet lack the capital or the balance sheet to secure a traditional loan. In these cases, we can negotiate and draft agreements with private equity investors. On the other side, we also represent investors who are interested in expanding their networks of funded companies and turn to us to structure deals to provide equity positions in the new or growing companies.


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