Looking to grow your business beyond domestic borders? We can help you move beyond US markets, growing your business and expanding your reach internationally.


Our global economy demands a global business approach. Our corporate attorneys can provide you with the advice and transactional representation to help you interact with foreign individuals and entities and establish foreign operations in international jurisdictions.

When considering an overseas venture, we can help you evaluate the viability of any proposed business relationship and assist with critical business planning by providing information on business entity formation and related tax and employment laws.

Helping your business navigate the cross-border staircase of international commerce, our international services often include representation in:

  • Finance – commercial letters of credit, guarantees, and security documents
  • Export and import custom matters
  • Travel issues
  • Visas
  • Arrangements for temporary residence in foreign countries
  • Product licensing
  • Intellectual property registration and management
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Border zone enterprises
  • Investment in foreign enterprises
  • Foreign tax issues
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • Privacy issues – particularly European Union requirements
  • International arbitration proceedings

It is often more efficient and in some instances very necessary to have in-country resources, particularly local counsel, readily available. Our lawyers’ network, developed over time while working in various parts of the world, is at your disposal.

We take clients overseas, bringing business advice and the best local counsel to the task and serving in a range of inbound and outbound business matters. With an understanding of your business goals, we can develop a legal and international commercial strategy that aligns with and strengthens your business venture.


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