Law360 Article Highlights Greensfelder’s Promotion of Women Attorneys

March 8, 2023

Greensfelder was highlighted in a recent Law360 Pulse article for its number of women attorneys promoted to officer over the past two years. The article, titled “Numbers Stay Stagnant For Women In Mid-Law Promotions,” focuses on the overall flat numbers of women being promoted to partner-level positions at midsize law firms. Greensfelder, however, was noted as being one of the few firms bucking that trend.

The article analyzed 109 firm partner classes from this year and found that “40.8% of newly promoted partners were women, down slightly from 41.9% in 2022.” Experts cited this as a reflection of a lack of progress in the legal industry. Greensfelder was noted as an outlier, though, with its recent promotions of four women to officer this year and three last year.

“Two firms promoted all-women classes both years; the larger was Greensfelder Hemker & Gale PC with seven promotions over the two years,” the article said.

The full article is available (subscription required) at

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