Labor Issues

Need help with your labor force? Negotiating and navigating employment and labor laws can be tricky. We know what to do.


In the construction industry, professional and trade workforce is the lifeblood of any business. Greensfelder helps clients maintain compliance with the wide range of employment laws while also striving to work more effectively with a client’s various labor groups. Greensfelder interprets and skillfully negotiates collective bargaining agreements, helping to ensure the continuity of projects during labor disputes. With regard to other employment matters, Greensfelder assists clients with wage and hour and employment law compliance. The team provides proactive counsel relating to discrimination issues involving age, race, disability, and gender and can assist with equal employment opportunity issues when they arise. Maintaining OSHA compliance is critical, and Greensfelder helps clients with OSHA inspections and citations and represent clients when there is a need to contest a citation or defend the business against citation-enforcement litigation.


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