Contract Default & Termination

Is a subcontractor in default? Determining how to proceed can make – or break – your project. Let us help.


Seldom are the stakes higher than when a contracting party defaults – and with default comes the possibility of termination. Greensfelder construction attorneys help clients determine where and how to begin by helping clients address the contract default by:

  • Assessing rights to terminate
  • Evaluating the practical and legal risks associated with termination
  • Determining the viability of engaging a completing contractor (either directly or through a performance bond surety)
  • Analyzing the financial impact of termination

Once the decision to terminate has been made, Greensfelder helps guide clients through the various challenges ahead, working with clients to keep their projects on track by helping clients:

  • Draft and negotiate completion and takeover agreements,
  • Negotiate with upstream and downstream entities to ensure their continued participation on the project, and/or
  • Seek appropriate equitable relief by way of injunctions.


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