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Minimum wage increase halted in city of St. Louis
By Jill Luft, Camille Toney on October 15, 2015 at 4:14 PM

Employers avoid higher wages for now, but the city is set to appeal the decision

Just hours before a St. Louis minimum wage ordinance was to take effect Oct. 15, St. Louis Circuit Judge Steven R. Ohmer struck it down. Ohmer determined that the city ordinance violates state law and declared it void and unenforceable.

The ordinance, which the St. Louis Board of Aldermen passed in August, would have immediately increased the minimum wage paid to workers in the city to $8.25 per hour. It eventually would have raised the minimum wage to $11 per hour in 2018. In addition, it would have required employers to post minimum wage notices and include those notices in employees’ paychecks.

The wage increase was challenged by small business groups that believed the city ordinance violated state law. Ohmer agreed, holding that the ordinance conflicts with Missouri’s minimum wage law.

City employers may be off the hook for now, but City Attorney Winston Calvert vows that the city of St. Louis will appeal as soon as possible, and Mayor Francis Slay tweeted the same. Employers should continue to watch the case for new developments.

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