Evaluation & Professional Development

Greensfelder’s attorneys are ready to help you on your road to success.

Each of our summer associates is paired with a first- or second-year associate mentor as well as a member of the Recruiting Committee to ensure that someone is always available to provide advice, act as a sounding board and guide your progress throughout the summer.

We recognize the value of meaningful feedback with respect to your work product and progress and strive to provide opportunities in this regard, both informally, through the comments and evaluation of the assigning attorney as projects are completed, and formally, through two scheduled reviews. Additionally, our "open door" policy encourages informal interaction between summer associates and the attorneys for whom they work. Summer associates regularly work with practice group managers and other senior-level attorneys within the firm, creating further opportunities for learning and development.

In addition to development of our summer associates' legal skills, the summer program at Greensfelder affords opportunities to participate in weekly meetings with senior officers of the firm, covering topics such as client relationships, marketing, firm history and goals, as well as a brief overview of each practice group. Past summer programs have included lunch sessions with current Eighth Circuit judges, opportunities to observe a motion docket and spend time in chambers with a U.S. magistrate judge, and the chance to participate in a mock trial litigation training exercise. These opportunities are designed to enhance the program and further our summer associates’ opportunities for professional growth.

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