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White Collar Crime & Corporate Compliance

Greensfelder’s White Collar Crime and Corporate Compliance practice involves the representation of both corporate entities and individuals in primarily federal criminal proceedings. This practice group includes four senior attorneys who served with the United States Department of Justice, three former Assistant United States Attorneys, and two former federal law clerks. Our lawyers have successfully defended criminal prosecutions in venues across the country in a variety of substantive areas, including:

  • health care fraud
  • securities fraud
  • corporate and accounting fraud
  • tax fraud
  • forfeiture
  • immigration
  • public corruption
  • banking crimes
  • environmental crimes (Environmental and Toxic Tort Litigation)

We also have extensive experience defending investigations conducted by federal regulatory agencies, such as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and Federal Reserve. Our litigation experience runs the full gamut, from representing witnesses appearing before grand juries, to criminal trials and appeals. Whether negotiating a plea or mounting a full scale trial defense, we devise and aggressively implement creative legal strategies and provide cost-effective legal services.

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