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Trademark & Copyright

Often, our clients’ trademarks and copyrights are among their most important intellectual property assets. Greensfelder has a broad range of experience protecting, registering and developing trademark and copyright protection for our clients.

Trademark Protection. We assist both for profit and not-for-profit clients, on a worldwide basis, in selecting and registering protectable trademarks, developing branding strategies, conducting clearance searches, enforcing our clients’ trademark rights against infringers, and defending against allegations of infringement. Our trademark practice also includes the related areas of unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, and customs. Our services include:

  • Trademark, service mark and trade dress counseling
  • Trademark registration
  • Trademark searches and clearances
  • Trademark infringement counseling

Copyright Protection. Greensfelder has significant experience in all matters relating to copyright protection and exploitation, including in the fields of books and book publishing, product designs, music and music publishing, artist rights, Internet content, image licensing, software development, database protection, advertising, licensing, and litigation relating to all of the foregoing. Our services include:

  • Copyright registration and recordation
  • Assignments of copyright
  • Fair use counseling
  • Mechanical and statutory royalties counseling
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance
  • Copyright infringement counseling

Corporate Transactions. Trademark and copyright issues are material to many merger and acquisition transactions in which we represent acquirers and targets. In collaboration with our Corporate Practice Group, we work closely with our clients to ensure due diligence is properly performed, documents are properly negotiated and drafted and the trademark and copyright issues in these transactions are properly addressed. In addition, complex trademark and copyright considerations frequently arise in the context of financing and secured transactions in which the nature of the ownership or licensed rights in trademarks and copyrights can impact the valuation of a business, and whether such rights can or should serve as collateral.

Licensing and Technology Transfers. In collaboration with our Technology Transactions Practice Group, we assist clients in exploiting and commercializing their copyrights and trademarks through the preparation and negotiation of license agreements. Our experience both on the business aspects of licensing, as well as the intellectual property aspects has enabled us to bring significant added-value to our clients licensing transactions. We have negotiated such licenses in such varied fields as merchandising, television and video, comic book, sports equipment, technology, toy, manufacturing, software, pharmaceuticals, grocery and distribution, franchise, and educational services.

For additional information regarding Greensfelder’s copyright and trademark services, please contact Harvey Yusman at (314) 516-2630 or

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