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Social Security Compliance

The Social Security Administration has enacted regulations stating that any U.S. business which supplies it with faulty account information for even one employee will be issued a “mismatch letter” notifying the business that it has an employee by whom incorrect social security information has been provided. Upon receipt of such a letter, U.S. employers need to determine how to respond and react to such a letter. In light of strict and often contradictory federal regulations requiring a business to ensure that it does not employ unauthorized workers while making sure to not violate the civil rights of any prospective or current employee, businesses are often unsure exactly what it can and should do when such a mismatch letter arrives. We have worked with our clients to help develop procedures for ensuring that such letters are never issued in the first place.

We have also worked closely with several clients to develop strategies for addressing these letters if received. Both the Immigration Practice Group and the Firm’s Labor and Employment Practice Group have established important relationships with appropriate federal agencies and have counseled our clients on the most effective and safe way to move forward after receiving a mismatch letter.

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