Litigation often hinges at the speed of discovery, and clients facing mounds of documents need to know that their legal counsel can quickly and accurately assess the data at hand. We are committed to providing best-in-class e-discovery services to clients facing litigation, using industry-leading software guided by professionals dedicated to the discovery process.

From email threading to near-duplicate identification to predictive coding, we will evaluate all of the options at hand and determine what will work best for each situation and data set.

The cost of electronic discovery can quickly swallow the value of a case. But failing to preserve or produce relevant documents can stop a successful litigation strategy in its tracks and cause reputational harm to the party. With that in mind, we partner with our clients from start to finish to develop practical, creative and cost-effective electronic discovery solutions. We also work with clients to develop sound records retention systems and litigation-readiness programs so they can avoid pitfalls and reap cost savings before litigation even begins.

Our e-discovery team includes a Relativity Certified Analytics Specialist, who has extensive knowledge regarding the use of advanced analytics, such as email threading, concept clustering, near duplicate identification and categorization.


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