Counseling, Portfolio Management & Strategy



Do you know that your IP can change over time? With careful planning and maintenance, we can help insure that your IP rights remain enforceable.

IP Counseling

A new business activity sparks a wide range of operational and legal issues that can – and should – be addressed. This new activity also presents you with the opportunity to set the stage for thoughtful rights acquisition and proactive management of your business’s new activity and associated intellectual property into the future.IP needs change throughout the business cycle

Through each stage of your business’s life cycle, your IP issues will evolve, grow, and change. Through our IP counseling process, built upon years of working with clients through the establishment and litigation of IP rights, we can help you develop strategies and management plans to carry out your business objectives through each stage of your business's life cycle.

Portfolio and IP Asset Management

Securing rights for your IP is just the first step. The changing nature of our regulatory and business environments creates situations in which initial protections, if left alone, might be weakened or, in extreme cases, nullified. We will help you create an active management plan, designed to track and maintain the intended effects of your IP rights and protections.

From IP audits, to surveys, to maintenance programs, your intellectual property will benefit from a portfolio and asset management protocol, enabling you and your team to monitor your valuable properties, weigh the costs and benefits of continued protection of your IP estates, and assess and maintain the value of your IP.

Litigation Strategy and Counseling

Litigation is often part of a business strategy and consideration of your intellectual property is critical - it might be the one thing standing between you and your competition.  We can provide you with valuable counsel as you consider the role intellectual property can play and the leverage it may bring to a business dispute.

At the same time, litigation can be challenging. Our team will assist you with an initial case assessment and strategy, provide a second opinion and review of pending matters, and assist with mock jury and other case theme and theory strategies.

For those considering or pursuing litigation funding, our team can also assist with case assessment and strategy, provide a second opinion, and/or assistance with presenting matters to litigation funders.