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For business owners working to attract and retain key employees, the benefits a business provides its employees must be competitive and may just be the tipping point during the hiring process.

Knowledgeable and practical, our attorneys shape benefits plans and executive compensation programs for a range of employers – from small businesses to large corporations, taxable and tax-exempt organizations.

Where to begin? We can help your business or organization design, implement, and modify a variety of employee benefit and compensation plans, including:

  • Qualified deferred compensation plans
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans
  • Health and welfare benefit plans
  • Executive compensation programs
  • Equity based compensation programs – stock options, phantom stock plans
  • Executive welfare benefits plans

Compliance? Absolutely. We will be there for you with guidance and support as you work to maintain plan compliance while administering your benefits plans.

We’re in your corner. We will be your best advocate should you face an audit or litigation. We have experience in resolving compliance issues with the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor and have successfully represented clients in civil litigation before these same agencies.

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