The Firm

Our Philosophy

Without a precise understanding of a client’s needs, no law firm can exceed a client’s expectations...

Greensfelder’s first priority is to listen to our clients to ensure complete understanding of the complexity of their legal issues and business goals. By focusing our advice and counsel on specific needs, we can offer solutions that make business sense. Greensfelder’s expertise lies in recognizing the intricacies of our clients’ legal and business issues. This ensures each client receives legal advice and counsel specific to each one's needs. We focus on individual circumstances, culture and business objectives. The result is a uniquely tailored and comprehensive array of options for resolving any business or legal problem.

"If the idea of innovation in a law firm sounds out of place, you don’t know Greensfelder..."

We have a rich history representing clients who have an entrepreneurial spirit – we have fashioned our law firm in the same entrepreneurial spirit. It’s in this spirit we utilize innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs. This not only applies to our legal advice, but it is the foundation of our relationships with our clients, use of technology, and knowledge of our ever-evolving global marketplace. Greensfelder’s culture of innovation is not limited to the capabilities of our attorneys but is embraced by the entire law firm to ensure the delivery of our legal services exceeds the expectations of everyone we represent.

"When we ask our clients to sign on the dotted line, there is nothing more important than their satisfaction with the solution..."

At Greensfelder, our clients’ satisfaction defines our success. Clients are the ones signing on the dotted line and must be comfortable with the advice and solutions we present to them. To ensure satisfaction, we focus our efforts on providing timely, precise and practical advice and solutions. We know that the legal advice we provide to our clients must promote their business objectives. Greensfelder’s business objective is to provide each client with advice and solutions that deliver complete satisfaction.






We Earn Our Reputation from the Companies We Keep®