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Need help addressing medical staff privileges? We can guide you through the process of establishing - and maintaining - clear privileging policies, allowing staff to provide the very best care they can.

Hospitals, healthcare organizations, and physicians groups rely on us to proactively represent their interests in a wide variety of review and discipline matters as well as more serious and complex issues that can lead to litigation.

Review and Discipline
Sometimes you just need an outside, educated opinion. We can help you and your organization with operational issues involving physicians and medical staff. We regularly assist with the process of peer reviews, addressing and reviewing medical staff privileges, medical credentialing review, physician and staff discipline, and all manner of disputes for clients operating in the healthcare industry including:

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare networks
  • Risk mangers 
  • Physicians groups

Medical Malpractice
With regard to medical malpractice, we represent hospitals, physicians, and nurses against suits filed in various state courts in Illinois and Missouri. The successful defense of medical negligence claims depends in large part on the ability to understand the technical aspects of the medical or nursing care at issue. Assisted by registered nurses within our firm, we quickly and thoroughly address complicated medical issues and effectively communicate those technical issues to judges and juries.

We work closely with in-house counsel in developing case strategies and defenses, and serve as a significant added resource on issues arising out of medical, nursing, or hospital malpractice.

Representative Services

  • Assistance with subpoenas for medical records and HIPAA compliance
  • Balanced billing and other billing disputes
  • Class actions related to charitable care policies or facilities fees
  • Data breach issues
  • Disputes between hospitals and physicians groups
  • General liability claims, including premises liability
  • Government fraud and abuse claims
  • Involuntary commitment hearings
  • Medical liens, collections, and third party liens
  • Medical malpractice
  • Medical staff and privileging disputes
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Prompt Pay Act claims
  • Risk management and restraining orders

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