When litigation is at hand, who do you trust? As litigators - true trial attorneys - we will carefully guide you through the case and aggressively represent your interests throughout.

Seasoned Trial Lawyers. Zealous Advocates.

You can count on our team for high quality, effective counsel that keeps your business objectives and bottom line front and center. We deliver aggressive, attentive, top-notch, and efficient litigation, mediation, and arbitration counsel to advance your goals.

Antitrust & Trade
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Franchise & Distribution
Government Interaction & White Collar
Insurance Coverage

Intellectual Property
Media & Advertising
Product Liability
Real Estate
Toxic Tort
Trade Secrets
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Business Disputes

You have a business to run. With careful planning and organization we will help minimize the distractions and disruptions that commercial litigation inevitably bring, so you can stay focused on the important task of running your business.

From smaller contract disputes involving the UCC, to claims of business fraud, to more complex matters of international trade, we will identify and vigorously execute creative and cost-effective litigation strategies for you. Each business dispute is approached and resolved in a manner consistent with your goals and the practical realities at hand.

Additional Services

Appellate Services

Representation through the appeals process, particularly in cases involving substantive financial exposure or significant legal issues, is the sole responsibility of our trial and appellate lawyers, crafting affirmative defenses and legal strategic issues for you. Additionally, we take a proactive approach to our litigation matters, providing counsel throughout pre-trial, trial and post-trial motions and identifying substantial legal issues, preserving those issues for appellate review. 


Litigation often hinges the speed of discovery and clients facing mounds of documents need to know that their legal counsel can quickly and accurately assess the data at hand. We are committed to providing best-in-class e-discovery services to clients facing litigation, using industry-leading software guided by professionals dedicated to the discovery process. From email threading to near-duplicate identification to predictive coding, we will evaluate all of the options at hand and determine what will work best for each situation and data set.

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