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We provide advice, document preparation, and transactional representation for a wide range of commercial activities to satisfy our clients’ needs in establishing foreign operations and dealing with foreign individuals and entities in various foreign jurisdictions. These include finance, including commercial letters of credit, guarantees and security documents, international arbitration proceedings, product licensing, export and import custom matters, border zone enterprises, travel issues, visas, intellectual property, arrangements for temporary residence in foreign countries, foreign tax issues, manufacturing agreements, investment in foreign enterprises, and privacy issues – particularly European Union requirements. We can provide the necessary services, sometimes in conjunction with one or more of our other Practice Groups, to support our clients engaged in international commerce.

We are a member of the International Lawyers Group (“ILG”), an international network of attorneys in 40 different countries, which focusing on commercial representations. This membership is an additional resource and allows us to deal with foreign attorneys whom we know personally. It is often more efficient and in some instances very necessary to have local resources available. Many of our attorneys have spent considerable time in various parts of the world and have developed significant experience in certain countries and industries. We also assist our clients in the initial evaluation and planning of a foreign project by providing information on business entity formation and related tax and employment laws for clients who are considering an overseas venture and assist in determining whether proposed business relationships or other opportunities are viable.

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