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Intellectual Property Litigation

Because today’s businesses operate in the Information Age, their commercial interests often pivot on vigilantly enforcing their intellectual property rights. Intellectual property takes many forms and enjoys a variety of sometimes overlapping, often unique protections: patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret. Our trial lawyers work closely with the transactional lawyers in our Intellectual Property and Technology Practice Group to prosecute or defend claims under the various federal and state statutes, and common law, that define these rights and provide remedies to vindicate them. We have successfully handled a wide array of such claims not only in federal and state court, but also before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our understanding of the nuances of each of these methods of protection, and the interplay among them, positions us to provide swift, creative, and efficient solutions to disputes over the critical intellectual assets necessary for businesses to flourish in the Information Age.

Our intellectual property litigation experience spans a variety of disciplines and industries. We have litigated numerous copyright disputes in the advertising, broadcast, computer, entertainment, heavy manufacturing, music, publishing, and telecommunications industries. We have devised and implemented vigilant trademark and copyright enforcement programs for our business clients, both in more traditional commercial arenas and judicial venues, and in emerging ones such as satellite television signal piracy and UDRP Internet-domain name arbitrations involving, for example, "cyber-smearing" and "cyber-squatting". We have litigated claims under federal and state computer tampering statutes, and worked closely with computer forensic experts to that end. Copyright and trademark infringement matters often place a premium on responsive, dedicated, and nimble trial lawyers such as ours who can pursue or defend intense, fast-paced actions for temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunctions.

Our lawyers have prosecuted and defended patent infringement claims, including successfully representing our clients in Markman hearings, in cases involving technology as complex as laser physics and interactive television, and as seemingly mundane as roof gutter leaf guards. When our clients’ employees leave for a competitor, we draw on a wealth of experience in trade secret and non-compete litigation to ensure that our clients’ most vital intellectual property assets, including customer good will, do not follow those employees out the door. We are equally adept with more esoteric trade secret litigation, having handled complex disputes over, for example, the design of large-scale chemical manufacturing plants.

Whatever the degree of technological complexity, and whatever the substantive intricacies of the relevant legal discipline, Greensfelder stands prepared to aggressively fight for and vindicate our clients’ intellectual property rights.

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