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General Counseling

A company’s decision to implement an employee benefit plans necessarily involves a decision about investing the assets used to fund the plan.  While Greensfelder attorneys do not provide investment advice, we often provide advice as to the legality of a particular investment and the methods of avoiding fiduciary liability with respect to the investment in a particular asset.  To that end, we have counseled numerous clients on the utilization of ERISA section 404(c) and other methods of avoiding liability.

Fiduciary Issues
The scope of the ERISA fiduciary net is broad and complicated.  Our employee benefits attorneys understand the statutory regulatory and case law background and have assisted hundreds of clients in endless scenarios with respect to their responsibilities.  Additionally, plans that are not subject to ERISA nevertheless are subject to state fiduciary responsibility.  We understand these state laws.

Prohibited Transactions
We have counseled hundreds of clients on the methods of avoiding the complications of prohibited transactions.  To that end, we have obtained individual prohibited transaction rulings, applied class and statutory exemptions and structured transactions to avoid the penalties associated with these rules.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies often need to prepare for exit events by structuring effective success bonuses. Our attorneys help companies design bonus structure and align management's incentives closely with those of owners or shareholders.

We also assist purchasers during the acquisition process in the due diligence associated with a target company's executive compensation arrangements.

Attorneys / General Counseling

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