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The statutes and regulations developed to protect human health and the environment from the problems associated with the use and disposal of hazardous substances can affect virtually every other area of the law, from corporate mergers and acquisitions to the ownership of an apartment complex. Providing the client with the right answer to a particular transaction or response to a governmental regulator requires a wide range of experience and skill. The Environmental Practice Group is a mix of attorneys who devote a significant amount of their time to environmental matters.

Greensfelder’s environmental practice addresses a wide range of issues, including advice and regulatory guidance for brownfields and real estate development, permitting, the regulation of hazardous, infectious and solid waste, federal and state reporting and compliance requirements, underground storage tanks, asbestos abatement, corporate and commercial issues, environmental management, including internal audits, wetlands and water issues, environmental enforcement, and litigation. Our clients include manufacturers, developers, individuals, not-for-profit organizations and others involved in matters that give rise to environmental concerns.

In addition to Greensfelder’s environmental counseling practice, Greensfelder has a dedicated Environmental Litigation Practice Group. The Group is experienced in handling a wide variety of environmental claims in state and federal courts, and before state and federal regulatory agencies. Matters have included filing and defense of CERCLA cost recovery cases, RCRA claims, civil and administrative enforcement actions involving Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act, permitting and citizen disputes, and enforcement and defense of environmental issues arising from commercial acquisitions and other transactions. The Group has extensive experience handling disputes involving the allocation of environmental liabilities among potentially responsible parties in mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Significant aspects of the practice also include administrative litigation before regulatory agencies, defending clients confronted with criminal prosecution for claimed violations of environmental laws, and toxic tort litigation arising from exposure to environmental conditions. Success in defending these matters stems in part from our prior enforcement experience in state and federal enforcement agencies. Our attorneys are members of and have had leadership positions in a variety of professional and legal organizations.

Representative clients include integrated, international petroleum refiners and marketers, mineral processors, hazardous waste processors and transporters, environmental remediation companies, cement plants, oil and gasoline jobbers and marketers, international farming and animal producers, manufacturers, developers, landfills and most other businesses affected by environmental laws. Recent litigation activities and results include:

  • Successful defense of integrated oil company in cost recovery litigation in which client was dismissed from litigation involving 31 other companies.   
  • Judgment for client finding seller to be required to indemnify client for past environmental liabilities in action by public agency to enforce environmental liabilities.
  • Defense of one of the largest privately owned companies in the United States against federal and state criminal and civil enforcement actions, citizen suits and natural resources damages claim due to largest release of hazardous waste to Missouri waterway.
  • Defense of mineral manufacturers to cost recovery action in Superfund litigation and civil enforcement proceedings.
  • Defense of multiple toxic tort lawsuits due to alleged exposure to petroleum products, petroleum additives, salt cake and aluminum.

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