Areas Of Practice

Environmental Compliance Counseling

While our Environmental Practice Group can assist a client that has been cited by a regulatory authority, the best assistance we can give our clients is to put them in a position where there would be no violation of an environmental law. We frequently provide counseling on compliance issues. Examples of such issues include the handling of waste generated by a manufacturing process, the health and safety of employees, responses to releases of hazardous materials, and transportation. In addition, we have advised clients on issues relating to reporting obligations that are present in laws such as TSCA, CERCLA, and RCRA.

The questions presented by our clients are as varied as the companies subject to the laws and regulations in place. We are capable of providing full service in each of the traditional regulatory programs including air, water, waste management, OSHA, as well as issues relating to the mining industry.

Most significantly, because our clients are regulated by a number of authorities, we strive to develop good working relationships with the various regulatory authorities so that satisfactory resolutions can occur in a cost effective manner.

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