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Electronic Discovery and Information Management

With ever-changing technology and an ever-increasing capacity to create and store digital information, our clients rely on the expertise of the Electronic Discovery and Information Management group to manage the costs and litigation risks associated with the preservation and production of electronically stored information. The cost of electronic discovery can quickly swallow the value of a case. But failing to preserve or produce relevant documents can stop a successful litigation strategy in its tracks and cause reputational harm to the party. With that in mind, we partner with our clients from start to finish to develop practical, creative, and cost-effective electronic discovery solutions for every case. We also work with clients to develop sound records retention systems and litigation-readiness programs so they can avoid pitfalls and reap cost-savings before litigation even begins.

We recognize that every client is unique and that no single e-discovery "solution" will apply to every case. We also recognize that every discovery decision must be in the context of a larger picture. Our clients appreciate the time we take to understand their technology platforms and information management systems to create and execute response plans that balance costs, the client's legal obligation to preserve and produce relevant documents, and the ultimate goal in any litigation - a successful outcome.

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