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Greensfelder, Hemker, & Gale, P.C. is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering a work environment that is inclusive of all employees, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic background and sexual orientation. We appreciate the differences each person brings to the Firm and value the multitude of ideas, thoughts, and perspectives that are generated as a result. At Greensfelder, we firmly believe that seeking out a variety of perspectives and fostering an environment where all people can contribute their best work maximizes the potential of each employee and makes the Firm better able to meet the needs of its clients. 


In 2004, Greensfelder created a Diversity Committee that was charged with addressing diversity initiatives and community outreach efforts. In time, the Diversity Committee naturally evolved and its focus grew. Greensfelder retained an outside consultant in 2006 to conduct a comprehensive diversity assessment, including review of the firm's recruitment, retention and management history. The assessment confirmed many positive aspects but also highlighted several areas for improvement. As the Diversity Committee discussed how to achieve its goals, the conclusion was reached that someone was needed who could focus 100% of his or her time and energy on the professional development of associates and the creation of an inclusive work environment for all attorneys and staff. The new position of Director of Professional Development and Inclusion was proposed to and approved by the Board of Directors. The Diversity Committee also changed its name to reflect its broadened focus to the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce is very important to Greensfelder; in fact, it is one of the Firm's strategic goals. At Greensfelder, we believe diversity and professional development go hand in hand. We learned through our diversity assessment that by focusing on the professional development of each of our attorneys, we would, in the process, enhance our diversity.

Committee Members

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is chaired by the Director of Professional Development & Inclusion. Additional members include a team of Officers, Associates and HR professionals who meet on a monthly basis and report directly to the Board of Directors.

For more information regarding the Diversity & Inclusion Program, please contact J. Danielle Carr at 314-335-6833 or

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