Corporate Finance & Securities

Attorneys in our Corporate Practice Group provide advice and assistance in compliance and disclosure issues arising under federal and state securities laws relating to transactional matters and to the reporting obligations of issuers and reporting persons. Our approach to transactional compliance identifies structural solutions to registration and exemption issues appropriate to clients’ immediate and long-range needs in both the public and private markets. Our transactional experience includes public and private offerings, tender offers, and acquisitions necessitating compliance with the Securities Act and the Securities Exchange Act and matters arising under the Investment Company and Investment Advisers Act.

In addition to our role in assisting clients in addressing and fulfilling their disclosure obligations in transactional matters and in annual and periodic reports and proxy solicitations – and the related reporting obligations of officers, directors and certain security holders – we provide advice and consultation relating to corporate governance matters. Our experience and familiarity with the structure of the securities markets and the roles of various market participants provides a basis for assisting clients in structuring and administering securities investment related activities. We also work closely with the Firm’s Tax and Employee Benefits Practice Groups to address and resolve securities law aspects of compensation and benefit programs.

Attorneys / Corporate Finance & Securities

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