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Although every Greensfelder trial lawyer develops substantial experience in particular types of business litigation (e.g., antitrust and trade regulation, class actions, environmental, insurance coverage and risk management, intellectual property, medical malpractice, product liability, real estate, securities litigation and arbitration, and white-collar criminal defense) all of our litigators are involved in general commercial litigation. This litigation consists of resolving a wide variety of business disputes in which our clients — both large institutional enterprises and smaller, closely held firms — find themselves in litigation with other business organizations and individuals. From smaller contract disputes involving the sale of goods governed by the Uniform Commercial Code; to claims of business fraud, tortious interference with contract, or unfair competition; to more complex matters involving, for example, the design of chemical plants in distant parts of the world, our trial lawyers draw on a wealth of litigation experience in federal and state courts to identify and vigorously execute creative and cost-effective litigation strategies.

Our seasoned trial lawyers are zealous advocates who guide our clients through the litigation process, from the opening pleadings through discovery, motion practice, trial, and appeal. When cases involve document-intensive discovery and extensive deposition testimony, we are adept with the latest document and case management technology. We appreciate the nuances of electronic discovery and the necessity of preserving and investigating electronic evidence. We are proficient with a variety of technological trial tools that assist us in presenting a compelling case and persuading judges and juries that our clients should prevail. We recognize, however, that this technology only supplements and does not replace good, old-fashioned lawyering, and that it is not appropriate for every matter. Not every case is a "bet the company" case, and each one must be staffed and managed appropriately, with a keen eye toward providing the most cost-effective and highest quality legal services to our clients. Each business dispute must be approached and resolved in a manner consistent with the client’s goals and the practical realities of the particular dispute. Sometimes, the best approach to a business dispute is a business solution. In these cases, our litigators work closely with our business lawyers to avoid the expense, distraction, and risk of litigation through such means as negotiation, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Our lawyers routinely handle jury trials and bench trials in venues throughout the country, but primarily in the Midwest. We regularly handle commercial matters before arbitral organizations, such as the American Arbitration Association and the National Association of Securities Dealers, as well as before state and federal administrative and regulatory agencies. Our Southern Illinois (Belleville) office of more than 15 lawyers, including three past presidents of the St. Clair County Bar Association, provides our Firm with a substantial Southern Illinois presence and uniquely positions Greensfelder to successfully litigate all types of commercial disputes, including class action litigation, in that distinctive legal climate.

The Firm’s commercial trial lawyers strive to become intimately familiar with our clients’ respective businesses and industries, because we know that the best and most creative litigation strategies spring from a rich appreciation of the relevant commercial context. We understand that our clients have a business to run, and through planning and organization we minimize the distractions and disruptions that commercial litigation inevitably entails, so our clients can stay focused on the far more important task of growing their companies. Above all, we are responsive to our clients’ needs. When business disputes require immediate action, such as securing a temporary restraining order or some other extraordinary remedy, we do whatever it takes to protect our clients’ business interests. Our work ethic and dedication to client service, together with our litigation skills and experience, allow us to consistently deliver favorable commercial litigation results to our business clients.

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