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When you team with Greensfelder you get more than just high-value legal counsel. You get a deeply experienced business partner who can:

  • recommend the right corporate structure and governance,
  • tap into the venture capital market and find financing,
  • ferret out tax credits and incentives,
  • guide you through the gauntlet of government regulations, and
  • help you grow and prosper in countless ways.

Closely held businesses of all types and sizes—from start-ups to those with nine-figure revenues, across industries, across America and abroad—depend on Greensfelder to help them recognize and seize opportunities, avoid pitfalls, run smoothly and operate profitably.

Our entrepreneurial attorneys have developed critical business and legal know-how working hand-in-hand with numerous closely held businesses. Their skilled counsel covers a full range of critical disciplines, including:

  • business succession and estate planning;
  • labor, employment and executive compensation issues;
  • tax planning;
  • intellectual property matters;
  • business disputes; and more.

Further, we know your industry, and bring to the table particular knowledge in health care, franchising, a spectrum of manufacturing (from defense to agriculture to consumer products), real estate, technology, and other sectors.

While we efficiently serve the local St. Louis area, nearly half our closely-held-business clients come from other parts of the U.S. and the world. They recognize our top-quality counsel, our commitment to help them grow, and our highly competitive Midwest rates—adding up to outstanding value.

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