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Claims & Disputes

We work with clients to avoid disputes through clarity of contract terms, prompt service and forthright analysis of facts and legal issues. Sometimes, however, claims and disputes are unavoidable. In those cases, we have extensive experience in preparing, analyzing, prosecuting and defending virtually every type of construction claim including defective plans and specifications, scope of work, disputes, improper inspection, changes, acceleration, delay, disruption, loss of efficiency, inadequate project management, lack of coordination, differing site conditions, denial of site access, suspension of work and termination.

In addition to the merits of claims and disputes, we have equally extensive experience and expertise in addressing the issue of damages. Whether it be prosecuting or defending the claim, our construction attorneys have confronted the full array of construction damages issues, including no damages for delay clauses, exclusion of consequential damages and other limitations, audit provisions and calculation methodologies such as total cost, modified total cost, measured mile and the Eichleay formula

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