Areas Of Practice

Banking & Commercial Finance

Greensfelder’s Corporate Practice Group provides services in all areas of commercial lending and finance. We represent numerous borrowers and lenders in connection with structuring, negotiating and documenting all types of financing transactions.

We assist our lender clients by reviewing, structuring and documenting credit facilities in a cost-efficient and timely manner, irrespective of whether the proposed credit facility is a revolver or term, secured or unsecured, variable rate or fixed, asset based, syndicated, credit enhanced and/or rated. We prepare commitment letters and perform initial due diligence activities on behalf of our lender clients to expedite the documentation process including performance of UCC, tax and judgment lien searches. In addition, we assist our lender clients in developing covenants (financial and other) applicable to the particular lending transaction.

We represent our corporate clients in connection with their financing needs by providing prompt advice related to planning and structuring new loans, refinancing and restructuring existing loans, securing financing incident to mergers and acquisitions, and financing or leasing a variety of assets. We assist our clients with cash flow management issues, credit enhancement, and interest rate protection agreements.

Attorneys / Banking & Commercial Finance

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