Areas of Practice

Adjustment and Change of Status

When a foreign worker is in the U.S. legally and has identified a basis for remaining, such as an offer of employment here, they are often entitled to change or adjust their status based on that offer of employment. We work with U.S. businesses and the foreign workers to whom they have offered employment to explore the opportunities for changing or adjusting their status. Our work in this regard involves a careful review of the foreign worker’s immigration record and the USCIS regulations governing change and adjustment of status. In those instances where such a change or adjustment is available, we work with the foreign workers and the U.S. businesses to coordinate the pursuit of those benefits. When a foreign worker is outside of the country or ineligible to change or adjust status, those individuals must obtain the appropriate visa at a U.S. Consulate abroad. We work with those individuals to identify the appropriate U.S. Consulate, analyze the visa procedures at the Consulate, and facilitate the visa processing that must be done. Our attorneys have established important relationships with Consular officers around the world.

Attorneys / Adjustment and Change of Status

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